Thanks to our many co-operation partners and constantly expanding product range, our FREEONTOUR customer card lets you take advantage of many shopping benefits: Save on ferry trips, fuel, campgrounds, campsites, tickets and online purchases.




More than 450 partner campgrounds and campsites
throughout Europe

Up to 15% off ferry trips in Scandinavia, England, Scotland, Ireland and the Baltics

Discounts on fuel and carwashes at more than 700 Total filling stations throughout Germany

Up to 5% cashback on services and accessories at participating retailers

Amusement parks, zoos, wellness offers, 
castles, palaces, cultural events and museums
Our suggestion: The Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee, Germany

Online shops with products relating to leisure, fashion, 
health, children, sport and living


Shop and show your FREEONTOUR 
customer card at checkout

Your purchase is logged automatically

You pay the full amount at checkout

Your rebate bonus is posted to your card's account automatically 

The cumulative rebates are automatically 
credited back to your customer account each year

You can view the portal for your 
current account status at any time 

In addition, you receive an account statement 
at least once per year with your bill, 
detailing all of the rebates 
you earned throughout the year



Download the application

Fill in the application 

Send the application by post to:

Caravaning Customer Connect GmbH

Postfach 100337

95403 Bayreuth, Germany

Or fill it in online in minutes and send it off

The FREEONTOUR customer card is available immediately free of charge.


The ideal travel portal and customer card combination. 

The FREEONTOUR programme ensures your holiday enjoyment starts when you start preparing because it helps you find the best routes for your journey. Take advantage of the FREEONTOUR portal as an interactive tour guide and enjoy shopping benefits throughout Europe with your FREEONTOUR customer card. Whether on your computer or tablet or as an app on your smartphone, the FREEONTOUR programme is always on hand to provide you with helpful tips and tools. Inspirational travelogues and trip suggestions provide ideas for your next destination. Receive insider tips by trading information with like-minded travellers.

The FREEONTOUR route planner

Plan your route with the route planner specially developed for campers and get tips from other travellers.

FREEONTOUR handles the detailed navigation while you plan your trips. Simply enter a landmark, shopping centre, restaurant, petrol station, garage or museum into your itinerary and the route planner will get you there.
You can also quickly copy existing routes or easily put together your own and add stops. All of this together lets you get underway on your next trip without the stress of travel planning.

The FREEONTOUR logbook

Document your trip in your logbook. The best part about travelling is the memories and the opportunity to share your journey with others. Whether you are looking for a logbook, journal, or photo album, FREEONTOUR offers everything in one. Collect your impressions of beautiful locales while on the go, jot down your ideas for your next trip, capture your favourite moments with photos and let your friends and family take part in your travel experiences while they are still happening.

The campground and campsite guide

Relax at beautifully maintained campgrounds and campsites. You can select and evaluate each to meet your needs using our search function covering more than 25,000 locations throughout Europe.

Whether you are looking to spend your annual holidays at a secluded or a child-friendly campsite, deciding on a site has a big impact on how you enjoy your holiday. This is why FREEONTOUR gives you detailed filter functions, informative descriptions and plenty of reviews from the FREEONTOUR community.

The FREEONTOUR customer card

The FREEONTOUR customer card is on hand for anyone looking to take advantage of great offers during their trip and save money. 

Thanks to agreements we have made with numerous co-operation partners, you receive shopping benefits for almost everything you need for your travels. This lets you save money on ferry rides, fuel, campgrounds as well as tickets for museums, thermal baths and amusement parks. You also save when shopping online. And what's even better, we continue to add to the range of products and services. 

Depending on the co-operation partner, you as an LMC customer benefit from having either immediate rebates or a cashback system, where you do pay the full amount at first but your account is credited a set rebate amount for your purchase. The rebates you earn are automatically paid out to your customer account each year.



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All our caravans are equipped with Long Life Technologie.
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Search engine

Number of berths

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All our motorhomes are equipped with Long Life Technologie.
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