Impressions of your new home



A vehicle only leaves our factory when everything has been fitted and tested - everything, from A for alloy wheels to W for winter package. The LMC Cruiser Premium is a good example of how much experience, know-how and craftsmanship go into building a leisure vehicle. The basics are all there. Hardly a wish is left unfulfilled - what with the skyroof above the driver's cab, the cabin door with window and central locking, plenty of stowage space in the rear garage and additional safety systems such as a third brake light and smoke alarms. 



Low weight and low entry step height - this comes from the standard low-frame chassis with low ground clearance combined with a weight-saving cabin. Advantage for drive and passengers: easier access and more fun driving thanks to the low centre of gravity. 


Gas / Electricity

Connect up the gas bottles, press a button and enjoy the cosy warmth in the interior. It all sounds so easy - that's because it is. It's not for nothing that generating energy with gas is unbeatable in caravanning. Gas makes you independent and is basically a safe way to generate energy - especially on a vehicle made by LMC. Tested production processes, gas lines and electrical wiring all safely installed.  And on top of that, our iBus Connect app gives you full control by smartphone. One look is enough and you see the status of fill levels and temperatures. 


Heating / Water supply

Use our iBus Connect app when you're not on board to warm up your Cruiser Premium to your feel-good temperature. Or enjoy the extra short warm-up phase of the efficient gas heater which warms up the interior of your motorhome to just the right temperature in no time at all, even when it's below zero outside - just as you like. When you opt for an LMC model, you choose reliable and efficient product features. By the way, the fresh and waste water tanks are well insulated to withstand heat and cold. 



We gladly took on the challenge of building a kitchen in a small space so that holiday cooks can shine. At least we've had decades of experience, a sense of quality and an eye for both the big picture and every detail. The result is a kitchen which will make many a hobby cook turn green with envy: a 3-burner hob with electric stroke ignition, a 140 l Smarttower fridge, drawers with soft close and a sink with an elegant glass cover. 


LLT - Long Life Technologie

LMC Long Life Technology is our innovative construction technology. It is the result of consistent further development of the materials in the vehicle body, setting the benchmarks in terms of durability, safety and preservation of high value. Many satisfied customers are already putting their trust in the one-of-a-kind advantages of Long Life Technology.



Holiday is not really the time to think about sleeping. Many prefer to enjoy their days to the fullest. But we've thought about it quite a lot - so you don't need to. Just come home and drop onto the comfortable cold foam mattresses in your Cruiser Premium. Medically approved slatted frames, dimmable ceiling lights and multifunction roller blinds for effective blackout are just the right thing to help you sleep relaxed after a day full of adventure. 


Water supply / Washroom

To safeguard privacy and a provide a functional retreat in the Cruiser Comfort, we created a room within a room, or more precisely a toilet room with a separate shower cubicle. Here you can simply close the door and enjoy a refreshing shower or simply enjoy a bit of piece and quiet on your own. It offers all the amenities you need on holiday, such as a pressure water system, warm water mixer tap, electric cassette toilet and a 10 l warm water boiler. 


Living Area

The living area is a living space where people talk, discuss, share meals, play games - in a nutshell, live life. The living area in the Cruiser Premium fulfils all these criteria with clever details, not to mention that its luxurious Grano wood trim finish is a real treat for the eyes. Five different models offer you a choice of floor plan to cater for all tastes. The clear glass skylight with integrated lighting and the large skyroof above the driver's cab lets the light in. Multifunction roller blinds with privacy protection make sure that sunlight and peering eyes stay outside. See our price list to find out more details of the other features on the Cruiser Comfort.