Impressions of your new home



TRAVEL IN COMFORT – A RE-INTERPRETATION. Actually, the Cruiser was always comfortable. But with the new platform strategy, our motorhome specialists are bringing out this model series with a big new design. While we're on the subject of big: for tall passengers, the standing height in the cabin is now an enormous 2.05 metres. People of this size fit easily through the extra large cabin door which is 70 centimetres wide. The single-level multifunction underfloor with additional stowage compartments and the new USB ports offer even more luxury. Did we already mention that you can walk from the front to the rear on the same level?



Travelling is the most individual way of holidaying. Some like great expanses. Others prefer to keep it simple and sedate. With our Cruiser Comfort, you can choose whatever suits you best.  The Fiat Ducato low-frame chassis offers you easy access. The multifunction underfloor with underfloor heating is pleasant to walk on barefoot. The comfortable driver and front passenger pilot seats swivel. The steering wheel is height adjustable and fitted with comfortable armrests for fatigue-free driving. A low chassis means a lower centre of gravity. The benefits include excellent road holding, a low weight and better affordability. The all-round carefree package of the Cruiser Comfort is perfect with eight different floor plans and several equipment variations.  We're curious to find out what your personal dream motorhome looks like - we'd love you to tell us!


Heating / Water supply

Even when your motorhome acts as base camp on holiday, you needn't waste a thought about it. That's because all the equipment is well designed, reliable and functional. When you need warmth, it's there at the press of a button. That's also the case when you need to cool the interior. A glance on your smartphone display is enough to read the temperature and fill levels on your Cruiser Comfort. Swipe the display to adjust the interior temperature, wherever you may be. Even when it's below zero outside, you can enter a warm interior thanks to the efficient gas heater and its short warm-up phase instead of facing a cold welcome. 


Gas / Electricity

Check the fill levels in your gas bottles from the leisure of your living room couch or while you're on the beach. It's all very simple now - with iBus Connect and the special app on your smartphone. Depending on the equipment, you can even switch over from an empty bottle to a full one automatically. This and many other clever solutions for even more convenience on your travels were the brainwave of our engineers. These ideas then became sound reality - including safely installed gas lines and tested production processes which comply with standards for gas and electrical installations. 



Travelling works up an appetite - experienced motorhome travellers know this very well. Just take a closer look at the kitchen unit. Our kitchen designers at LMC do the same thing too. So they installed large kitchen cupboards, a 3-burner hob and an integrated sink as standard fittings. When you take a closer look, you'll see they added a work top which can be enlarged by glass covers, and kitchen drawers with self-closing and soft-stop features. With this equipment, your appetite can be as big as you want.


LLT - Long Life Technologie

LMC Long Life Technology is our innovative construction technology. It is the result of consistent further development of the materials in the vehicle body, setting the benchmarks in terms of durability, safety and preservation of high value. Many satisfied customers are already putting their trust in the one-of-a-kind advantages of Long Life Technology.


Water supply / Washroom

The washroom is just as flooded with light as the interior by a skylight. There's plenty of space for hygiene in every floor plan. And the electric cassette toilet is comfortable to sit on besides being easy to clean.