LMC Element

T 608

The LMC Element

Our dynamic starter-model Element is the perfect fit when you want to discover the freedom of motorhome vacationing for your family. With up to four sleeping spots in single or queen beds, a compact and well-thought out layout, plus a standing height of 2.12 m, this model fulfils any wishes you could have. For extra space, we offer an optional lifting bed in the Element for all layouts.

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Everything at a glance
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Max. permissible total weight
3.500 kg
2/3/5 berths
Total length
6.980 mm
Total height
2.920 mm
Total width
2.320 mm

Technical Data

in a nutshell
  • Model nameLMC Element
    Model typeT 608
    Total length6.980 mm
    Total width2.320 mm
    Interior width2.180 mm
    Total height2.920 mm
    Interior roof height max.2.120 mm
    Wheelbase4.035 mm
    Tyre size225 / 75 R 16 C
    Roof/sidewall/floor thickness (ca.)48,5 / 34 / 34
    Licensed seat no. (during travel)4
    Rear garage door/hatch on passenger800 x 800 mm
  • Trailer load with techn. perm. max. mass of 3.500 kg2.000 kg
    Trailer load with techn. perm. max. mass of 3.650 kg1.950 kg
    Trailer load with techn. perm. max. mass  of 4.000 kg1.850 kg
    Trailer load with techn. perm. max. mass of 4.250 kg1.800 kg
    Trailer load with techn. perm. max. mass of 4.400 kg1.750 kg
    Max. perm. total weight (standard)3.500 kg
    Max. weight increase4.400 kg
    Empty weight (ca.)2.720 kg
    Weight in drivable condition (with standard equipment) (ca.)**2.921 kg
    Load with standard equipment/maximum payload upgrade*** (ca.)579 kg / 1.439 kg
  • Berths (fixed/after seating group conversion)2/3/5
    Bed dimensions lifting bed front (optional)200x135cm
    Bed dimensions double bed rear188x145
    Bed dimensions additional cushion for extra beds170x115/52cm

* The indicated number of persons is dependent on weight and axle load. It may be reduced through installation of accessories and optional extras. The indicated number of persons refers to the vehicle weight in series production condition. It represents the maximum permissible number of persons that can have a seat during the drive. Depending on the model, this is only attainable by payload weight. The technically permissible total mass as well as axle loads cannot be exceeded.
** This weight includes the driver‘s weight (75 kg) and following mass of the vehicle with standard equipment according to manufacturer‘s specifications: Liquids such as fuel and AdBlue (90 %), fresh water (20 l), gas (1x 11 kg + approx. 5 kg bottle weight) at 100 %, plus tools, tyre repair set and cable reel, without optional extras. This corresponds to a weight of approx. 201 kg to max. 212 kg.
*** The cargo load cannot be exceeded by the number of passengers, their personal equipment and optional extras.