Enjoy the benefits of a digital safety and
control network – exclusive from LMC:

✔ Set the interior temperature. Enjoy the perfect cosy level of warmth. Just like home.

✔ No more futile getting up to check the fill levels and switches .

✔ Check the fresh and waste water evels. Convenient. At a glance.

✔ Feel safe. Press a key and switch off the 12 volt power supply. Of course the fridge keeps on running.

✔ Technology that thinks for you Example: an empty gas bottle switches over to a full one. Automatically.

✔ Complete control of your equipment when you‘re not there.

✔ Intuitive functions.

✔ Reliable functionality via Bluetooth per or short message text.

✔ Well designed and easily understandable user interface.

✔ Very high technical safety standards.

✔ Available for all common Android and IOS systems.

You can download the
App here:

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Google Play