Smart Solutions


for a very smart caravan

The LMConnect is available as an optional extra for the Vivo and Musica models. This connects you to your mobile home and you can control it on-the-go. Heating off, air conditioning on? Control it from wherever you are. Inquire about fill levels or water temperature? Not a problem. One glance at the display lets you know, and you can control it in a smart manner. It is this easy to turn your caravan into a smart-home: Install the´LMConnect app on your smart phone or tablet, connect via Bluetooth or Cloud, and you’ll have control of your mobile home’s technology and functions with a swipe across the display, and have everything in sight.

Your functions with LMConnect

  • Adjust the climate of your mobile home
  • Change the temperature of your warm air or warm water heating
  • Control the status of your tank or warm water heating
  • Structured overview of your fresh water and waste water tanks
  • Conveniently vary between the temperatures of your warm water system
  • Keep an eye on your battery’s status
  • The overview shows you the charge level of your service battery

LMC iBus Connect

and your motorhome is smartly under control

Innovation meets intelligent solutions and practical handling with LMC iBusCONNECT in the Comfort models. Whether you want to check the level of the starter battery or the fresh water tank from the couch before heading out on the trip, or want to be sure that the lights are turned off while on the beach – with the innovative LMC remote controlling you have total control of your motorhome, even when you are on-the-go. Never again too warm, too cold, or empty – these are things of the past, thanks to LMC iBUSCONNECT. Instead, you can expect the perfect interior temperature and the secure feeling of sophisticated functionality at all times. iBUSCONNECT is available in the Element model as an optional extra for controlling heating and air conditioning.


  • Set your desired temperature and perfect interior temperature to enjoy when you get home
  • Save unnecessary trips to check fill levels and switches
  • Automatic fresh and waste water levels, conveniently at a glance
  • Feel certain and simply switch the 12-volt power supply off while the fridge continues to run independently.
  • Technology that thinks ahead, for instance switching from an empty to a full gas bottle.
  • Easily check the voltage of the starter battery and also conveniently read the current electricity balance and remaining capacity of the living room battery.
  • Full technology control for on-the-go
  • Functions that are intuitive to operate
  • Reliable function per Bluetooth or text message
  • Comprehensive and easy to understand operating panel
  • Highest technical safety standards
  • Available for all current Android and iOS systems

Flying high

with the LMC pop-up roof

The LMC pop-up roof gives you that extra space for your family holiday. Kids love the comfortable height, the “tent” on the roof, and it gives parents just the flexibility they need. Create two additional sleeping spots in moments, either inside, or better yet, on top of your caravan. Practical, without reducing any space in the interior: the interior standing height and stowage areas of the caravan are untouched. And when you don’t need the roof, it can simply be folded back down.

Optional for the Style, Vivo and Musica caravan models.

  • Four windows and a clear glass roof hood (with insect protection) provide optimum ventilation
  • The foamed-in mattress in combination with the slatted frame provides optimum sleeping comfort
  • Access to the two-piece aluminium ladder that can be stowed in the closet
  • Feels like a whole room
  • Normal interior standing height
  • Stowage areas are completely usable
  • Roof shell dimensions: approx. 260 cm x 157 cm x 12.5 cm (plus 12 cm height for the clear glass roof hood)
  • Height when set-up: 116 cm
  • Reclining area without cover for the climb-through: approx. 173 cm x 133 cm
  • Reclining area with cover for the climb-through: approx. 234 cm x 133 cm
  • Maximum load: 160 kg
  • Weight: 107 kg

Smart Solutions

We are a factory for ideas. Since all employees are passionate campers, we love to tinker with unique and smart solutions and work them out until they are ready for series production in our models. Better durability of components? Added storage space in the planned layout? We make it possible.

Spontaneously convert the single bed into a double bed – with the rollaway bed function

Charging made easy – the USB-ports integrated in the outlets provide lots of charging options for electronic devices

More room to move in the living area through the folding table top