LMC Caravan

Quality. Trust. At Home.


that you can rely on

LMC uses innovative production sequences at its Caravan Competence Centre at its Sassenberg facility in Münsterland. We work with new production technology, distinct lean management and highly motivated employees who stand behind the outstanding work and high quality of our products. We build your mobile home with know-how and passion – so that you can enjoy beautiful moments with your LMC.


for 65 years

LMC is a source for innovative ideas. Better component durability? Extra storage space in the floor plan layout? We make it possible. At LMC we ensure carefully considered technology right down to the smallest detail, the highest level of safety, and functional solutions, both in the interior and the exterior. All LMC components are designed to last long and maintain value – which makes your investment in a LMC a secure investment.

At home,

in your holiday world

In order for you to really feel comfortable in your LMC caravan, we attach great importance to the design of the interior. Together with our specialists we create design and function oriented interiors with textiles and surfaces that are not only beautiful but practical, too. With storage space that provides lots of space to keep things organised, and details that you will simply love. Your LMC: your mobile home in the world.