LMC pop-up roof


with the LMC pop-up roof

The LMC pop-up roof gives you that extra space for your family vacation. Kids love the comfortable height, the “tent” on the roof, and it gives parents the flexibility they need. Easily create two additional sleeping berths in moments, either inside, or better yet, on top of your caravan. Practical, without reducing any space in the interior since the interior standing height and storage areas of the caravan are unaffected. And when you don’t need the roof, it can simply be folded back down.
Optional for the Style, Vivo and Musica caravan models.


LMC pop-up roof

  • Optimum ventilation thanks to four windows and the clear glass roof hood (with insect protection)

  • The foamed-in-mattress together with the slatted frame provides optimum sleeping comfort
  • Accessible with a two-piece aluminium ladder that can be stowed in the closet
  • Normal interior standing height
  • Roof shell dimensions: approx 260 cm x 157 cm x 12,5 cm (plus 12 cm height for the clear glass roof hood)





  • Height when extended: 116 cm
  • Reclining area for hatch: without cover approx. 173 cm x 133 cm, with cover approx. 234 cm x 133 cm
  • Maximum load: 160 kg
  • Weight: 107 kg