Long Life Technologie

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Worryfree Travelling

For a long vehicle life and outstanding value retention, we at LMC have developed Long Life Technology, which will provide you with one thing+above all: a long life for your caravan and travel home. Our unique quality promise: 12-year vehicle body water-tightness warranty*

LMC Long Life Technologie

In the caravan and motor home sector, LMC stands for sophisticated technology and functional solutions. One reason for this is that we give our vehicles a distinctive “extra” before sending them on their way – protection and safety. We saved in other areas – namely in weight. In summary, this innovative technology is known by the name LLT* – the innovative LongLifeTechnology from LMC.

First and foremost, LLT means extra freedom and safety for you. No matter what the weather or the ground is like, like a protective cocoon LLT creates a barrier against external influences that could affect your vehicle. LLT even effectively defies cold and heat. How does it work? With innovative materials and sophisticated assembly technology that is unique in the industry to this day. With LLT, we have made our caravans and motor homes even more stable in value and safer than ever before.

  • 12-years of protection against moisture with our vehicle body water-tightness warranty*
  • Protection against hail and weather-resistant thanks to GRP roof cladding
  • GRP underbody protection
  • GRP front and rear
  • Highly stable PU reinforcement bars – a bonus for stability and torsion resistance (underfloor)
  • The atmosphere is always comfortable thanks to the high-performance insulation core made from XPS-foam (underfloor)
  • Moisture doesn’t stand a chance
  • Heat stays outside and warmth stays inside longer – state-of-the-art insulating material, effective and light, makes it possible
  • It has everything inside that you need: more cargo load capacity thanks to innovative materials and smart assembly technology

* LMC provides a 12-year vehicle body water-tightness warranty on all motorhomes and
caravans, thanks to LLT – Long Life Technology. On motor homes, the warranty is only valid up to a maximum total mileage of 120,000 km.