LMC Style

490 K

The LMC Style

The Style, with its timelessly beautiful design, is our model for your family dream holiday. Enjoy lots of space to laugh, cook, play and relax. Nine layouts and up to six sleeping spots make the Style the flexible allrounder for big and small vacationers. The Long Life Technologie, made in Sassenberg, ensures longevity.

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Everything at a glance
upon request
Max. permissible total weight
1.360 kg
4 to 6 berths
Total length
7.162 mm
Total height
2.605 mm
Total width
2.326 mm

Technical Data

in a nutshell
  • Model nameLMC Style
    Model type490 K
    Totel length7.162 mm
    Exterior length5.886 mm
    Interior length5.213 mm
    Total width2.326 mm
    Interior width2.180 mm
    Interior roof height max.1.980 mm
    Total height2.605 mm
    Floor/Roof/Sidewall Thickness (ca.)40 / 30 / 30 mm
    Awning size (ca.)9.902 mm
  • Empty weight (ca.)1.143 kg
    Weight in drivable condition (with standard equipment) (ca.) *1.179 kg
    Payload standard/maxmium load (ca.) **181 / 521 kg
    Max. permissible total weight (standard)1.360 kg
    Max. weight increase1.700 kg
  • Sleeping berths4 / 6
    Front208 x 135 cm
    Middle194 x 90 cm
    Bunk Beds212 x 81 + 208 x 74 cm

* This weight includes the standard design dimensions according to manufacturer information: Liquid, such as fresh water, gas (aluminium bottles) at 100 % and cable drums, without optional extras. This corresponds to a weight of approx. 33 kg (Sassino), approx. 36 kg (Style, Style Lift and Vivo) and approx. 40 kg (Musica).
** The cargo load cannot be exceeded by personal equipment and optional extras.