Impressions of your new home



AT HOME EVERYWHERE. That's because when you opt for this caravan model, you simply take your personal lifestyle with you on your travels. Whatever size, layout, sleeping variation and upholstery you select for your caravan, you make a very personal decision that reflects your own taste. One thing is certain, though, you refuse to go away without the comfort of your own home. Every great idea and every small detail in our caravans is designed to meet these requirements. In this way we ensure you enjoy your holidays in a caravan tailored to your needs.


Chassis / Cockpit

Your LMC Style runs on our proven standard AL-KO chassis. Enjoy the excellent handling and the ride comfort which you can definitely feel. And this is also mirrored in the quality: the LMC chassis consists of galvanised U-shaped profiles for even greater safety. Find out for yourself.


Gas / Electricity

There's no need to worry when you use the gas connection on your LMC STYLE. Our tried and tested production processes makes sure you're on the safe side. The wiring is routed to comply with specified standards and are precisely tested at every stage of production and in the final inspection. 


Heating / Water supply

As the heater on your LMC Style uses no electricity, it is always ready for use. Enjoy your new efficient gas heater to keep you and your nearest and dearest warm when camping in winter. The reliable high-performance product features ensure a short warm-up phase - so you're well prepared for the colder months of the year.



You will definitely like this: your travelling kitchen includes a clear glass skylight, a choice between a large or a very large refrigerator, a 3-burner hob and sink combination and hinged kitchen windows to make cooking on holiday a truly pleasant experience.


LLT - Long Life Technologie

LMC Long Life Technology is our innovative construction technology. It is the result of consistent further development of the materials in the vehicle body, setting the benchmarks in terms of durability, safety and preservation of high value. Many satisfied customers are already putting their trust in the one-of-a-kind advantages of Long Life Technology.



Benefit from the immense sleeping comfort in the LMC Style which offers a choice of 3, 4 or 5 berths. This includes fixed beds with gas springs, a luxury slatted frame, a body moulding cold-foam mattress and a roll-out bed to convert single beds into a double bed.



Each of the bathroom solutions in the LMC Style score with their well-conceived layouts and modern design. The skylight with its combination roller blind ensures a pleasant interior climate. The many storage surfaces and stowage spaces are practical to keep your toiletries to wash in the morning or style yourself in the evening.



When it comes to the interior, Style really lives up to its name. Every fashion detail, such as the Acuto wood surfaces, the multifunctional roller blinds and the upholstery, is matched to each other. But be careful, this could quickly become addictive! Just climb on board and never stop.


Pop-up roof

For families especially, it is essential to remain flexible. The LMC pop-up roof is just what's needed. With a couple of twists you have a roof which is ideal as a play and snuggle den for both big and small - and of course provides has two additional berths. The special thing is that it has no effect on headroom or stowage space in the caravan - that's what flexibility is all about. For grandparents or parents with or without (grand-)children, it's the ideal solution for families. If the two additional berths are not in used, just simply fold the pop-up roof down.